Review: Witch Blemish Stick 

Hi, so I’m finally back 🙂 During the last few months I have been getting blemishes on my forehead, so I decided to start using spot action skincare rather than my usual dry skin skincare. Nothing was working for me at all, my skin was just drying out instead 🙁 I was recommended the Witch blemish stick; I was a bit reluctant to try it as it states that its for oily to combination skin, I thought it might react poorly with my dry skin. It didn’t at all!


The product comes in a little blue tube that you push from the bottom to get the product out. You can apply this directly to blemishes although i would recommend using clean fingers as it may have the opposite effect and spread bacteria causing more spots to appear.


From the first use I noticed that my blemishes had completely gone down and within a few days they were basically non existent 🙂 I have honestly never seen better results from any other skin care product that I’ve tried. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin either!

Witch is a cruelty free brand.

cruelty free


Zoey xo

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