A few months ago I was searching for the perfect blending brushes but I was really unimpressed with the choice of cruelty free brushes available. And then I got my hands on The Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo Fiber brush set in Boots! I had seen them before but I couldn’t bring myself to pay €34.99 for three brushes. Now I’m so glad that I did because they have changed my make up game completely. I really do believe that the quality of your brushes plays a huge part in the end result of your makeup

The duo-fiber brush (below) is actually intended to apply makeup but I use it for blending powder, bronzer, contour and highlight together at the end to ensure that there are no harsh lines on my face; this brush really does the job and gives a lovely airbrushed effect.

Real Techniques Face brush


Again, with the duo-fiber contour brush (below) I rarely use it to apply contour as it doesn’t pick up enough product for me, instead I use it for blending my contour after I’ve applied the product. I find that this brush has really helped to make my contour appear a lot more natural and blended and I would now be lost without it.

Real Techniques contour brush


The last brush, the duo-fiber eye brush is my favourite of the three. I find this absolutely brilliant at blending eye shadow and I use it to blend every eye shadow I use and this way the result is always nice and blended which really perfects an eye look.

real techniques eye brush


I really can’t express how impressed I am with these brushes, and even though I have always been a huge Real Techniques fan I find that this set is the icing on the cake.

I would highly recommend the Real Techniques Duo-fiber set to anyone who is on the hunt for great quality blending brushes. Blending brushes are often underrated but everyone should give them a go as they give your makeup such a flawless finish.


Real Techniques brushes are 100% cruelty free ❤


See you soon,

Zoey x


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