I received a lovely package off Meaghers pharmacy on Sunday! The packaging was so pretty with each product individually wrapped in bright yellow paper, it was like a little Chistmas, eek 😁

Meaghers Pharmacy is an Irish company based in Dublin, they now have a great delivery service selling amazing, hard to get brands like NYX, the balm, cailyn, cocoa brown and sleek. I’ll definitely be ordering from them in the future, I love supporting Irish companies! I also got a discount code for you guys, enter ‘ELITE27’ at the checkout to recieve 10% off purchase until the 17th of April, Happy shopping! 😁

Heres what I got:
So, the first thing I saw was the Cindy-Lou Manizer, oh my. I am a huge fan of the Mary-Lou Manizer by the balm so when I saw this, I screamed. It’s a beautiful, blush highlighter. So excited to use this!

cindy lou13014842_1032017660203420_1111278501_n

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Really excited to try the Code VLM mascara! Heard so many good things about this, I will keep ye updated 😉

 I was so  excited to receive the Nip Fab glycolic fix daily cleansing pads, I’ve been using them since I got them and I will definitely be repurchasing 😍
 Sleek is one of my favourite brands, I’m a huge fan of their eye shadow palettes so I can’t wait to do a look with the Sleek All Night Long iDivine palette. The colours in this are amazing!
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 So excited to know that they stock NYX! I find this so hard to get 😁
 These candles are bomb😎
12987999_1032017930203393_397873525_n (1)
 I’m definitely going to be ordering from them soon x
Oh, I was not paid or sponsored to write this, I was gifted a lovely package but everything I write is my 100% opinion! I just think its a brilliant service 🙂
I think all of these companies are cruelty free, still waiting for one or two emails back, so I will update ye❤️‍

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