Inglot Gel Liner

I’ve recently been converted to brow gels, I thought because my eyebrows are already thick I could only pull off running a powder through them or using a pencil. I started experimenting more and realized that it actually gave them so much more definition but I couldn’t find a product that ticked all the boxes, my brows either looked over loaded with product or it just didn’t last very long. Ingot AMC brow gel was used on me in my course and I just loved how it looked. The longevity of it was incredible, now I’m hooked. I instantly ran out and bought it and have just bought a back up in case mine runs out.

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The formula is so creamy, it doesn’t dry instantly which is great as you can easily wipe off any mistakes but once it does its not going anywhere. It glides onto the skin and through the brows so easily without looking clumpy or dragging.The only thing I would say is that if you do decide to try it – always keep the lid on as it can dry out very easily, although I haven’t had this problem yet.

I would highly recommend Inglot AMC brow gel, its completely changed the brow game for me and its definitely my favourite brow product.

Inglot is a cruelty free brand 🐰

If you’ve already tried it I’d love to know what you think of it 🙂



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