I have seen a lot of people confused about how to use their brushes lately, theres so many different kinds, it can be a bit intimidating so I thought I’d show you my favourite ways to use brushes. Brushes are so important when it comes to the end result of your makeup so if you’re looking to improve I highly recommend investing in a good quality set of brushes. My favourite brands of brushes are Real Techniques, Zoeva (vegan set) and ELF. I have one Blank Canvas brush so far and I’m really impressed with that also 🙂



This little guy (above) is an eye blending brush, its usually very soft and has long bristles with a dome shape at the top. I use these for blending my eye shadows together to ensure that theres no harsh lines. These make eye makeup really easy to do, I’d be lost without one.


This is very similar to the blending brush above but it has a tapered end so that you can be more precise about it. Perfect to blend into your crease!


This is a shader brush, it has shorter bristles and is denser than the blending brushes, its great for applying shadow onto the eyes and as its not too stiff its perfect for lightly blending as you go.


This guy is a lot different, its very flat and dense for packing product onto your eyelids, perfect for applying shimmer/glitter eye shadows. The smaller versions of these are also great for applying lipstick!


This is basically just a tiny, angled version of the last one, its perfect for winged gel liner or applying powder/gel to your brows.


Okay, onto the face. This is a foundation brushes and can also be used for applying concealer. I’m not personally a huge fan of these brushes as I don’t like the finish but for someone else they could be great!



Stippling brushes like this one can be used in so many ways! I use them for applying foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, and highligher! Great to use with powders or liquids!


Fan brushes are great for precisely applying highlighter to the cheekbones, nose, chin etc.



This is basically a much larger version of the tapered blending brush, its used for contouring! Lovely to get a soft, natural contour!


Although they don’t look anything a like this is also a contouring/sculpting brush. This will give a more intense, defined finish.


Buffing brushes are my favourite to use when applying foundation. They’re very dense with a flat top so you can get a full coverage finish!


This is similar to the buffing brush but with a tapered end, great for more precise application or for concealing under the eyes!


Big fluffy brushes like this one are great for applying powder, bronzer, blush or blending to avoid any harsh lines!

My favourite brands for brushes (all of these have a vegan set) :

I only use synthetic brushes to stick to cruelty free options and I find them every bit as good as natural bristles 🐰

Disclaimer: The photos were taken from the Blank Canvas website, I was not paid or sponsored to do so. I was just using them as an example.  


Zoey x





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